At the AFS Intercultural Summer Camp, we count on a highly qualified team of professionals with vast experience in the fields of intercultural teaching programs and youth summer camps.

Camp leaders 1

Our team is available to help and contribute to solve any issues which may arise; guaranteeing your child’s stay in our camp will be at once enjoyable and productive.

Our monitors are also well trained in the areas of personal development and counseling, ensuring our charges are well taken care of in all departments of their day to day lives while they are with us.

Our monitors count on the following certification:

    • First Aid Qualification
    • Basic Life Support and SemiAutomated External Defribillation
    • Qualification Food Handlers Certificated

The monitors are a young team of university students or recent graduates with experience and qualifications in the field of intercultural learning and international summer camps. Perfectly trained and ready to support and advise the participants at all times will make this summer an unforgettable experience.